New formation of the SWET

New formation of the SWET (Swiss Working Equitation Team) – 7 Riders and 9 horses will compete during the two coming seasons aiming at the selection as a SWET member for the European Championship in 2020!

Good luck to the following 9 competitors:

Pierre Evrard on Apupo das Lezirias, 2005, PSL, gelding

Kenneth Kronenberg on Bivaque, 2006, PSL, stallion

Frauke Matter on Cholito GT, PRE, stallion, 2004 and Huapango del Rio, PRE, gelding, 2009

Katja Weis on Dionisius, 2008, PSL, stallion

Carène Riedo on Quidico 2004 PSL gelding and Fiero Lvcom 2010, PSL, gelding

Tirile Tuchschmid Monnier on Samson Menezes, PSL, gelding, 2006

Corinne Chmiel on Urpilo 2001, PSL, stallion