Selection for 2024 has started


Carène Riedo on Quidico, PSL, gelding, 2004 and Fiero Lvcom, PSL, gelding, 2010

Felix Stampfli on Nashville, FM, gelding, 2007 

Frauke Matter on Cholito GT, PRE, stallion, 2004, Huapango del Rio, PRE, gelding, 2009 and Infante, PSL, stallion, 2013

Jrina Giesswein on Chester SP, Holsteiner, gelding, 2008 and Indullah S, Trakehner, gelding, 2010

Julia Thut on Saïd, Hispano-Arab, gelding, 2013 and Emerito, FM, gelding, 2005

Katja Weis on Dionisius, PSL, stallion, 2008

Tirile Tuchschmid Monnier on Samson Menezes, PSL, gelding, 2006


Interested candidates for the SWET apply to the responsible board member for the SWET until June 25, 2023 per email (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!). Later applications are possible in exceptional cases.

All riders of the classes S and M with Swiss nationality can be admitted, if they are ARSETS members at the time of application.

There will be no selection event.

There will be no national trainer for the time being.

The candidates will train individually in 2023 and 2024 with their own trainers and will attend competitions. The competition results will be all send to the responsible board member for the SWET.

Selection criteria for the 4 SWET riders and the reserve riders are:

  • Achieving the requirements according to WAWE (might be adapted by WAWE in the future):
    • Riders taking part in a World or Continental Championships, have to do a qualification in their own countries with the participation of at least 1 international judge of the WAWE list.
    • The result of the international judge has to be more than 60% in Dressage and at least 60% in Maneability, and Speed trial has to be finished without disqualification.
    • The qualification can be done in one or more competitions, the result should not be older than from January 2023
    • Riders that have already competed in a World or Continental Championships in the past with a higher mark than 60% in Dressage and 60% in Maneability don’t have to do a new qualification if nominated again.
  • Being one of the 4 (respectively 5) best Swiss riders in the class S:
    • The three best results of the attended competitions (latest one month before the European or World Championships) are relevant (results are not allowed to be older than before January 2023). This means that also former riders of the class M have to have competed in the class S at least in the 3 last competitions in the S class.
    • The results in percentages count in the following order: Dressage, trail, and ranking in the speed trail. In case of a tie, the toss of a coin will decide.


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